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Remparts de Provins
Provins - the medieval festival


Tour César, Provins
Cesar’s Tower, in Provins

At only 15 kilometres from the self-catering accommodation, come and discover Provins, a medieval town, classified and recognised as a world heritage by UNESCO.

Ancient county capital of Champagne and fair town, its civil, religious and military architecture are protected by impressive ramparts.
The town has no less than 58 classified or registered monuments listed on the Historical Monuments of France, some of which are, Cesar’s Tower, the collegial Saint Quiriace and the ancient castle of the Count of Champagne, now converted into a secondary school.
Provins has also several museums, the catacombs and gourmet restaurants, most of which are to be found on the higher part of the town know as "la ville haute". It can be noted that most of the monuments are aslo to be found in that area of the town. Be sure not to miss, during the month of June, the famous medieval festival, renowned worldwide. In August there is the harvesting festival and on 11th November the street market.

château de Fontainebleau
Fontainebleau castle


The district council of Fontainebleau is the most extensive of the region Ile de France covering over 17,000 hectares. It is almost entirely covered by a forest totalling 25,000 hectares. For the Parisians this forest serves as a place for getting out and about to walk. But because of its steep and hilly relief with many rock formations it has a well-earned reputation for a place for practicing sports and climbing.

At the north of the forest lies the suburbs of Melun, and situated at the north west is the village of Barbizon, famous for the many impressionists painters who spend their lives there.

Don’t forget to visit the castle of Fontainbleau adjoining the town of Fontainebleau itself. This castle dating from the renaissance was a residence for reigning French rulers from François 1st up to Napoleon III. Several French monarchs have left their imprint on the construction and history of the castle. Since 1981 the castle and the surrounding park have been listed as a world heritage by UNESCO.

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Vaux le Vicomte

The castle of Vaux-Le-Vicomte dates from 17th century (1658 – 1661). It is situated in the district of Maincy which is 20 km from the self-catering accommodation. The castle was built by Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances for Louis XIV.

Every Saturday, after sunset, from May to October more than 2000 candles are lit within the surrounding walls and garden of the castle. To give the impression of life at the Royal Court, the children can dress up as princes, princesses or mousquetaires and wander around the private apartments and sumptuous living rooms discovering the history of the castle. (The costumes are for rent on a daily basis and only at the weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays).

logo Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

This enchanted kingdom is not very far from here ! The heroes and heroines from Disney evolve within their never ending fairytales. At Disney land Paris there are adventures and amusements for all the family and all tastes as you have the choice of visiting two parks : Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios.

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