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Ayurveda is natural medicine… which means the science of life.

It considers man as one indivisible entity made up of physiological, psychological, behavioural and environmental elements. This concept contributes to a state of well being resulting in a harmonious balance of all the vital domains within man.

We know that the intimate oneself is the privileged stronghold of our health, well-being, happiness and harmony. This needs to be nourished by a sense of touch… For the skin, no longer considered as a simple organ which allows various functions in the organism, has also the capacity to act as a vector that reflects the slightest modification in our mind affecting both our mental and physical state.

Abhyanga, an ayurvedic massage with sesame oil stimulates the circulation by the sensation of touching, resulting in calming the nervous system, strengthening the muscles, activating the functions of the digestive system, creating a balance and harmony of energy and thus creating a state of well-being both mentally and physically. Ayurveda has several types of massages and appropriate oils that can be used depending on your psychological or physical state.

I offer you the possibility to discover a feeling of well-being with certain massages that the Indians use daily. An insight into what the traditional art can offer our bodies to relieve the tensions engender by our modern lifestyle. I do not in any way pretend to heal anything, it is only to give you the opportunity to open up to a traditional and ancestral way of life. I have myself benefited from these treatments at different stages of my life as a woman and I continue to practice them on a daily basis.

I am a nurse. I know that through my passion for the art of well-being and preventive treatments, other cultures, cures, remedies and medicines from both here and abroad , my professional experience, my encounters with other people, and my very own life experience allow me to believe that allopathic and traditional medicines complete each other.

Depending on your needs :

Rachel, student in Ayurveda, training for the last 10 years with Kiran Vyas of the Ayurvedic centre Tapovan.

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